Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Evidently! Housework Being Healthy Activity

~Soak Up the Sun~ The researchers say that the reduction in the amount of time spent by women to do household chores have contributed to the rising obesity epidemic.

The researchers noticed that women today spend more time at work and spend only a little time to do housework.

Based on data from observations taken in the UK, the average woman now spends almost 20 percent less time to do housework. Advances in technology also make household chores tend to be lighter than in the past.

For example, mopping the floor can burn 200 calories per hour. The introduction of a dishwasher, microwave and other labor saving devices also increase the risk of obesity in women.

For those of you who are busy working, doing household chores can certainly be a healthy activity that you can do before or after work. It can help lower your risk of obesity, which triggers many dangerous diseases, including heart disease.

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

Can I pause the time???

Can I pause the time??? - Argh!!!!Final on next Monday and aku bru study 15%...tension2!!!keje berlambak xsiap lg…kalo la aku bley pause time jp mesti best....:( ari ni bgun pagi2 settlekan Plant design nye report yg asyik tersalah sana sini…pastu g faculty jumpe En.halim nk send resume. Bru nk bernafas, dpt msg En. Rozaimi nk jumpe 3.30pm…huh…as I remember, since aku kat UMP ni (5 yrs dh aku kt sini) lately ni aku rs sgt seperti seorang student yg sgt dedikasi n cemerlang…start ngn meeting PD yg habis kol3-4 pagi last 2 week!smbg study week yg xmcm study week…nk settelkan trip g Aussie yg bercelaru..huh!!!!!buatkan aku mimpi nk g picnic!!! Sunbathing yg sgt best….tgk sunset or sunrise…wah2..bestnyer…

Owh nk cite pasal trip ktorg pg Aussie…mula2 aku rs perancangan ktorg dh ok…itinerary dh kat aussie dh contact..ble review je dgn international office sume jd bercelaru blk…adoi…. Pening ble lalu bnyk2 stage ni… budget ktorg pn drg cut blk..sampai passport pn kn buat sendiri… sib baik aku dh de passport. kesian bdk2 ni..dh le ujung sem UMP x consider pn..kat sini aku bkn la nk ckp UMP x bgus..Cuma kn pk, u select student kn pergi overseas supposed passport, flight ticket, accommodation and allowance kn cover la. That was the basic thing you need to cover for us.…so thing will go smoothly…because we are going to promote YOU bkn utk diri ktorg.. cuba pk if they come from family yg xmampu effort sume tu mesti kesian..xkn le ank org kaya je yg ade peluang nk follow this kind of activity..

ops!!!!cut off story xley cite lbh2.nti aku kn banned ngn UMP..pape pon hope next week aku nk test.xmo involved in any activity..xpass sem ni aku xley kwin woo next yr...ngamuk paie kn tggu lg..sbb mama n papa ckp xgrad xley kwin...huhuhu...

P/S: Ish biar btol aku nk kwin dh????

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